Written by Sierra Rein
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As one of the leading business communications companies, Mitel bases a lot of its services and products behind the concept of "intelligent evolution." The company chooses to develop adaptations of new technologies that can be evolved into already existing systems. This simple outlook allows even small businesses to adjust to newer technological advances at a cost-effective and customizable rate.

Mitel Networks has worked with many other integrated communications systems to create a number of communication technologies able to function on any LAN/WAN platform. Customers can pick and choose individual solutions to meet their company's needs and limitations.

Mitel and Easy Accessibility Technologies

One of the most progressive aspects of Mitel is the number of specialized services and products developed for customers with disabilities. Many phones and telecommunication products are designed with equal opportunity features for persons with special needs. These include large print instructions and LCD displays for individuals with decreased visibility and TTY user interfaces for those who are deaf or hearing-impaired.

The purpose behind the development of such technologies is not just to follow section 255 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, but also to enhance the overall productivity and ease of every business environment. Recognizing the needs of businesses like professional healthcare and accessible hospitality companies (hotels, motels and bed and breakfast facilities) is a huge part of the thought process. If there are any specific and unique business communications demands, Mitel can meet them through innovation and understanding.

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