Mitel Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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The history behind Mitel phones and IP solutions began in 1971 when Mike Cowpland and Terry Mathews met in Kanata, Ontario, Canada. They were both working for Microsystems International Limited at the time and together began developing the first product made by Mitel, an electronic tone receiver. Since then, the company successfully continued to develop new technologies and to broaden their scope into America and the British Isles.

Mitel phones are designed not only for simple person-to-person calls, but are a part of a larger integrated system of telecommunications. The Mitel Company itself strives to create an infrastructure of tools powerful enough to help a business, large or small, conquer any communication challenges. From simple business telephones that offer entry-level, multiple line messaging services to web-enabled phones capable of downloading and uploading data to portable PDAs, the Mitel company has a lot to offer.

Popular Mitel Phones at the Head of the Game

When it comes to businesses, the most effective Mitel phones are the conference and networking desktop phones. These are fitted with backlit display screens to make call answering, caller ID and user prompts easily recognized. These also include speed dialing and customization features to make the dialing and messaging systems work with only a few pressed buttons.

In addition to the phones themselves, Mitel also offers a wide range of teleworking systems to aid a business in the process of integration and teleworking solutions. Providing "plug and work" technologies, Mitel can help a business learn how to use communication tools while their employees are on business trips or working from home. With specially connected phones, faxes and data networking solutions, an employee can achieve the same level of productivity at home as he can at the office.

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