Mitel Sx 200

Written by Sierra Rein
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In October of 2003, Mitel Networks announced the launch of their newest converged communications platform system, the Mitel SX 200. Made for small to medium businesses, the SX 200 quickly became a successful staple to more than 100,000 enterprises throughout North America. It has also become a highly praised system due to its wide range of "plug and work" teleworking applications and contact center support.

The Mitel SX 200 system supports at least 96 IP users per single controller. It provides both a three-in-one solution and a single, stand alone key system (depending on business needs). The SX 200 can also be used as an IP-PBX (networked) or a single branch solution for the home or office.

Some of the features of the Mitel SX 200 are revolutionary in design, quality and user-friendly functionality. The SX 200 supports the use of an SMTP e-mail client, a feature perfect for e911 notice and messaging, making the system incredibly versatile with voice messaging and email integration. It is perfect for companies with many employees working on the field or for those located in home-based operations.

The Mitel SX 200 Helps Small Businesses into the 21st Century

While some newer communication systems fail to integrate older technologies into their design, the SX 200 allows the easy transition for any company to step into the next generation of IP telephony. Original concepts of reliable functionality are maintained while newer and more effective phones, email applications, and web-based communication capabilities are introduced. The SX 200 is also very easy to learn and manage in a short amount of time, making the transition process a productive and pain-free experience.

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