Multi Line Phones

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Multi-line phones can employ a number of separate telephone lines. From there, each line can support any number of extensions. These numbers will depend, of course, on the size of your office, and different multi-line phones are designed for differently sized companies. However, one thing is certain. Without multi-line phones, it would be impossible to do business as we know it.

This is true even for the smallest companies, such as home offices. Your basic slimline phone may be great for the kitchen, but it cannot possibly meet the demands of most small businesses. Certain features have become essential in today's world, such as multiple line and extension options, advanced voicemail, speed dialing, call waiting and forwarding, LCD screens, and programming capability.

Multi-line Phone Choices

There are a wide array of options when it comes to multi-line phone systems, and they are best divided along the lines of office size and complexity. Systems designed for huge corporate offices, connected by a LAN or WAN, cannot work in a typical home office. The particular setup of your office technology will determine whether a conventional phone system, or a state-of-the art, unified network-based system, is most appropriate.

Multi-line phones are available that utilize both conventional and network-based technologies. Conventional systems can often be purchased at great savings in pre-owned and refurbished condition, complete with warranties and service plans. This is also true of the newer systems that use VoIP and advanced network technology to unify voice, email, and fax applications into one system.

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