Music On Hold

Written by Sierra Rein
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The music on hold function is one of the most important features for any company expecting high caller traffic. Unfortunately, if an important client or a potential business partner is put on hold without any sound playing, he or she may become confused and believe that they have been unceremoniously disconnected. This small but significant moment of un-professionalism may ultimately turn this person off to the idea doing business.

Some businesses choose to use the radio as a source of music. However, this is sometimes a mistake, as the radio is often filled with static, commercials, and distracting traffic and news reports. If a CD or tape is plugged into the hold system, a business may have to contend with cease and desist notices and bills from ASCAP and BMI.

Instead of dealing with these problems, the music on hold system utilizes digital players that can integrate entertaining and often royalty-free songs in addition to customized, pre-recorded messages. These can feature information on the company, thank-you messages and special sales offers that the person on hold may not yet know about. It can also help customers narrow down their options of who they need to talk to by knowing which extensions to dial for certain featured departments.

How to Optimize a Music On Hold System

It is incredibly important to discuss with the business marketing manager before purchasing a music on hold system. First, the music should match the overall feel and professional tone of the company and official messages should be written well and recorded by well-spoken voice-over professionals to effectively communicate any essential information. Secondly, the system should be easily adjusted to allow for holiday and sale updates, new music choices and optional plug-in or digital recording capabilities.

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