Nec Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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All NEC phones offer to the world a number of different platforms perfect for the growth and daily maintenance of business communications. These phones are constantly evolving to fit newer and broader technologies, especially in the IP and digital Internet-based technologies. The advanced phone models feature compatibility with Key and PBX phone systems with VoIP, xDSL and NEC's Home Phoneline Networking system.

To choose the best NEC phones for your business, consider the following options. One of the most basic NEC systems is the Electra Elite IPK analog line of phone models. These contain built-in networking capabilities that allow all business phones to share any resources common for either multiple or remote bases as well as a number of routine call center functions.

The Aspire line of NEC phones employ a peer-to-peer switching architecture that allows the user to choose whether or not to use traditional circuit, VoIP, or a combination of technologies. Because Aspire phones support this hybrid network, they are perfect for companies ready to phase out old technology to make way for new IP telephony equipment. Aspire phones are thus perfect for small to medium businesses interested in expanding, improving and adding to their enterprise infrastructure.

i-Series NEC Phones

The i-Series phones by NEC are ISDN compatible and great for any office environment. A NEC system of these phones can be expanded through optional snap-in modules such as a DCI-L Analog Module for modems, fax machines, single-line and cordless phones, a CTI application Data Module, and an off-hook Voice Announce Module for PA systems. This, plus every advanced feature of communication--from Caller ID to Windows based PC programming--comes built into every phone.

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