Written by Sierra Rein
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A few of the most popular products out of the NEC family of phones are the Nitsuko-i models. These phones integrate with TMP 3.82 or Minitel 3.82 or higher systems. They also support a number of supported features such as blind or supervised transfers, busy override, message waiting and call screening.

The i-series Nitsuko phones come in three main models: 28i, 124i and 384i. The 28i is an ideal phone system for a growing office or a small business with bigger future plans in mind and comes with an easy to install wall mountable KSU. This system supports ISDN BRI and DID features and offers many unique capabilities commonly found in larger, more complex communication structures.

The 124i system is configured as a compact KSU and is best suited for a small, intense and active office. The 124i system can quickly become a hybrid network of both voice and data information with the addition of multi-port modules and telephone data devices. The Nitsuko 384i phone model takes several leaps forward and includes PBX capabilities strong and reliable enough for large office, hotel, and customer satisfaction demands.

More Nitsuko i-Series Phones

Nitsuko offers a wide range of multi-line, multi-button speakerphones ideal for any office or home business environment. The i 900i cordless phone can make a great gift for any employee who spends a lot of time away from his or her desk, yet needs to be in constant contact with incoming calls. Receptionists and secretaries can also benefit through the addition of either the Nitsuko i 24 or 110 Button DSS Consoles, perfect for the efficient monitoring and processing of all incoming and outgoing calls.

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