Written by Sierra Rein
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The Norstar family of phone systems is a large part of the Northern Telecom Company, a business currently past 100 years of experience and customer dedication. Northern Telecom arrived at the Norstar line of phones after setting aside decades of time and millions of dollars in research, marketing and development. Their goal was to innovate a series of telephone systems designed particularly for small to medium sized businesses that were of such quality to be deemed comparable to more higher end PBX systems.

Judging by Norstar's current market the plan succeeded, and customers were able to capture an advanced system for their smaller business without spending a whole lot on excessive equipment and overpriced phones. The phones themselves are extremely functional and easy to program. LCD displays allow the user to see exactly what is going on within each phone, and through just one an entire array of phones can be reprogrammed without the use of a computer or terminal.

The most popular phones by Norstar are the M7100 and T7100 (the Meridian and Terminal series of single line telephones) and the M7208 and T7208 (two six line business phones). For larger businesses, the bestsellers include the M7324 (a 22 line phone with a two-way speakerphone and viewing capabilities on all 22 lines). The Nortel Norstar T7316E is a newer Terminal series phone and is great when used as a console phone.

The Future is in Norstar Integrated Communication Systems

In addition to terminals and endpoints, this line of phones is compatible with a number of communication systems capable of engaging a large number of employees and client phone calls. Norstar has developed an ICS on a digital platform strong enough to bring every communications device in the office (fax, email, computer and telephone) together on one desk. With its flexible building design and the ability to expand from one to 248 ports, this system can help a small business grow into a stronger, tougher and more advanced medium or large company.

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