Norstar Meridian

Written by Sierra Rein
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Norstar Meridian is a development line of telephones and communications solutions from the Northern Telecom Company. This portfolio, which includes the Meridian 1 and SL-100 branch of telephones, are designed mainly for small to medium businesses. All PBX Meridian products are ideal for companies interested in maintaining 60 to 80,000 open communication lines.

Each Norstar Meridian telephone system includes such features as a call center, VoIP (Voice Over IP) capabilities, unified messaging and the ability to take the system outside the business with mobile connectivity. In all cases, Meridian software is available to control and enable any Internet and software telephones as well as IP gateways to fit the demands of business. The Succession Enterprise 3.0 software creates and maintains a path of migration between Meridian 1 and Succession phones and call server software.

Popular Models of Norstar Meridian Phones

Of course, the most prevalent family of Meridian phones is the Meridian 1 Series. These come in a number of different options, including the 11C Mini (perfect for small or gradually expanding businesses for 60 to 128 lines) and the regular 11C (a PBX system capable of handling up to 800 lines). The 61C and 81C model lines are made for medium-size businesses and enterprises, as they require 200 to 2,000 (for 61C) and 16,000 (for 81C) lines and feature advanced voice and call processing architectures.

Finally, the Norstar Meridian SL-100 phone conquers up to 80,000 lines. These phones are designed with a PBX based DMS switching architecture built on carrier-grade technologies. This architecture makes these phones perfect for large companies like hospitals and universities that demand consistent and reliable connections on a daily basis.

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