Written by Sierra Rein
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Nortel Networks can claim a long and proud history of innovation, one that proves a concentration towards the future of telecommunication technologies. The company can trace its origins back over 100 years to the innovator himself, Alexander Graham Bell. The Bell Company took the unique concept behind the telephone and eventually created a global analog, digital and Internet-based company that is Nortel today.

According to a Gartner Dataquest report, Nortel Networks held the top number one position for global telecommunications products in 2001. The company experienced a growth rate of nearly 41.6 percent, an amazing number considering. Today, Nortel continues to expand its horizons into business communications solutions for web and Internet service infrastructures.

Nortel focuses on a number of different products, but is most famous for optical, voice and wireless communication technologies. Bestsellers in the past include the Centrex and the Meridian SL-100 telephones and accessories. Centrex phones are great alternatives to KSU and PBX systems, since each phone can function as a control box directly from the phone company line itself.

Meridian SL-100 Phones and the Reliable Nortel Platform

For larger business enterprises, the Meridian SL-100 phone system can handle up to 30,000 endpoint lines within both TDM and IP environments. With its dual CPU-based core technology, the average downtime rate for a SL-100 system is less than four seconds per year. Nortel also ensures that all future technologies will be compatible with older products; thus, as a company grows in experience and scope, all technologies will be available to grow with it.

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