Nortel Networks Phone Systems

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Nortel networks phone systems are complete packages that can include Nortel phones, phone lines, voicemail, and even installation. Customer service and technical support is an important part of this package as well. When purchasing a phone system, no matter what brand, it's very important to double-check the support end of the package. There is nothing worse than investing in a business phone system, only to find that help isn't there when you need it.

Nortel is one of the world's most reputable communications providers, serving over 150 countries. Due to its quality of products and reliability of service, Nortel is consistently the preferred choice of Fortune 500 companies for their multimedia communications needs. According to an August 2004 report, Nortel products had an enviable customer reliability rating of over 99.999 percent. Nortel is also a leader in customer and technical service, and its emphasis on security against viruses, hackers, identity theft, and denial of service attacks has helped Nortel become one of the most trusted names in the business.

About Nortel Products

To give a brief overview, the Nortel corporation provides voice-over applications, multimedia services, wireless broadband services, and end-to-end broadband communications. Nortel network phones are designed to connect directly to the Local Area Network through special connectors, enabling the same ease of use that you would have with a regular phone.

Nortel offers two kinds of multimedia phones: Internet or IP phones, and software phones. Internet phones provide a high quality voice-over IP capability. These phones are desktop models that contain a variety of features such as LCD screens and multiple lines. Software phones are designed for mobility, and actually contain the software that transforms your desktop, laptop, or even pocket PC into a voice and data converged platform.

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