Nortel Phone

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Northern Telecom is commonly called Nortel. They make quality business phone systems and business phones. If you're looking for great phone sets designed for small to medium-sized businesses and loaded with features, you'll be happy to find that you have a lot of Nortel choices right here on the Internet.

This is because the exceptional quality and functionality of Nortel equipment make it possible for these phone sets to last and last and last. Online vendors trade in Nortel equipment because of its durability and fantastic resale potential. What this means to you is that you can find great bargains on new or refurbished Nortel phones without ever leaving your office!

Nortel Features

With a attractive modern design and sets available in both black and platinum, these phones are suited to just about any office decor. They're even great for small places because they offer a minimal footprint and can be wall mounted when necessary. They come with a set of standard features that enable an ease of operation that most of their competitors can't touch.

An adjustable LCD display provides incoming call information and is a great resource for instructions on how to use the phone's features. The phones also come with a hands-free speakerphone and an intercom that doesn't tie up outside lines. Each phone has a number of buttons that can be programmed to speed dial or to functions, allowing each user to customize the unit for maximum efficiency. Volume control on the speaker and headset, hold buttons with music capabilities, and selective ringing tones are just a few more of the features Nortel provides. Nortel phones are one of the best buys in the industry, and you can't beat them for durability. They will be there, ready and working the next time you upgrade your phone system.

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