Northern Telecom

Written by Sierra Rein
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Today's Northern Telecom Company (also known as Nortel) is a far cry from its modest, small and distant Canadian roots. The company can boast of more than 100 years of telephone equipment and telecommunication experience and 1995 was proud to mark its 100th anniversary. From the small Bell Telephone supply company in Canada to its current status as one of the largest producers of business phone systems and communications products, this company has had a lot to offer over the years.

A large part of the Northern Telecom Company's mission statement is to provide client enterprises with innovative communication products and services. These products should serve to drive productivity and improve customer services while at the same time decrease costs. Each year, the company strives to improve on past models and to offer a better and more extensive line of IT, VoIP voicemail, and modular systems.

Popular Northern Telecom Products

Perhaps the most well known of all Nortel phones are the Nortel Meridian line of products. The Meridian M line (which includes the M7100, M7208, M7310 and M7324 models) consists of both single and multi-line phones with speakerphone and up to 31 programmable key buttons. On the other hand, the Norstar Meridian T series includes the T7406, a cordless phone that can cover up to six employee lines within an area of 282,000 square feet.

In addition to these popular communication systems, Northern Telecom also manufactures and distributes a number of Norstar expansion modules and cards. A small business can thus start with a small collection of phones and gradually expand each department to follow the specific growth rate of the company. This will allow company managers to be able to control their communication budget to match with incoming funds in a strong and straightforward manner.

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