Office Speaker Phones

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Office speakerphones give you many choices, since so many office phone systems nowadays are manufactured with headset and speakerphone capabilities. In today's busy and ever-harder working office culture, having your hands effectively tied while talking on the phone is an unacceptable waste of time. It also has undesirable physical and even psychological effects.

It is not ergonomically sound to have a phone to your ear for long periods of time. Your body, and therefore your mind, is best served when it can move around and regularly change position. This means being able to get up from your chair, stretch, get a sip of water, even do some ergonomic exercises, at regular intervals throughout the day. Only with a speakerphone can you accomplish these essential recharging tasks.

Freeing Up with Office Speakerphones

Most people, unless they're engaged in an unusually intense or stressful call that demands their utmost concentration, get restless when they're on the phone for long periods of time. This is especially true of highly productive people, who may view phone calls as an obstacle to getting their work done. After a while, the phone may take on the aspect of an anchoring, even imprisoning device.

People who start to feel this way about their phones are more likely to let calls slip through, or be lax on returning messages. Neither of these things is good for business. This phenomenon can be easily avoided, though, by investing in phones with hands-free options such as speakerphones and headsets. These features can instantly improve employees' attitudes towards talking on the phone, restoring its status as a helpful and essential tool.

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