Office Voicemail

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Modern office voicemail systems are most likely integrated into your PC. Rather than exist separately as part of your telephone unit or as an independent answering machine, they are integrated into the functions of your computer. This has several benefits. For one, PC-based voicemail is a digital system, which allows it many possibilities for integration into other applications and devices. It also allows for accessibility, enabling voicemail functions to be shared company-wide for greater efficiency and ease of use.

This also results in much lower costs for the company. PC-based voicemail is much cheaper than independent, proprietary voicemail systems, chiefly because PC equipment and software is so universal and cheap to purchase. Except in rare cases, virtually any company concerned about cost and efficiency will opt for an integrated, PC-based voicemail system. Consultants who specialize in phone systems can offer a reasonable quote for such as package.

Office Voicemail Quality and Integration

Quality of sound is an important issue for voicemail. Any of us who remember the early days of pre-digital, tape-based voicemail can recall the scratchy, muffled sound quality on those microcassettes. However, the coming of the digital age didn't automatically solve all voice quality problems.

Today we can still experience voice quality problems such as "drop-out," fuzziness, crackling, or fluctuating volume. However, the more reputable brand names in business communications generally provide a crisp, clear quality of sound. Integration is another important issue in voicemail systems. Ideally, your voicemail system should be as interactive with your phone unit as possible. This means that you can enjoy such conveniences as message indicator lights, call forwarding, and live attendant options.

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