Partner Mail

Written by Sierra Rein
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AT&T Bell Laboratories first introduced Partner Mail to the Hong Kong market in December of 1995. It was initially described as a brand new voice mail module system designed exclusively for the Partner Family of telephone systems. Since its birth in 1995, the Partner Voice Mail system has been distributed to over 25 different countries and has been improved with technologically advanced features.

There are many benefits to the basic Partner Mail R1 and R3 systems. They are built to allow company personnel to stay connected to customers and business associates, even if they are out of the office or on the road. The personal touch is available even when a call can not be answered, especially during times of high call traffic.

The Partner Mail VS system expands on this principle and adds a lot more features to the overall package. Its compact system offers a lot more productive and advanced capabilities, such as bilingual language modes, 100 hours of storage time, personal group lists, and cascaded out-calling features. The fact that there is very little chance of a call not being received or answered will help any company improve customer satisfaction, support and service.

You Have the Choice in Custom Packaged Partner Mail Products

Whether your company is small or large, home-based or corporate, there is a large variety of Partner Mail applications and devices to choose from. Adding Partner Voice Messaging, a sophisticated voice answering machine system that plugs directly into Partner ACS control units in the form of a small PC diskette2, is great for a business of any size. These and many other voice mail traffic products can be installed within a few days and taught to employees through an organized and thorough educational approach.

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