Partner Phone Systems

Written by Sierra Rein
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Made by the Avaya Lucent Company, Partner phone systems are designed to simplify the complex challenges of telecommunication solutions. Efficiency and intuition are built into every telephone, while consoles add power and flexibility to any receptionist or front desk attendant. These phone systems come in black, white and traditional grey colors and are strong enough to handle even the toughest high call volume hours.

All Partner phone systems feature every basic function that a business would need. Each phone comes complete with hold, transfer, intercom, do not disturb, hands free answering, conference calling and page buttons. These phones also hold enough memory slots for over 100 speed dial numbers and extensions.

Configuring the right set of consoles, cabinets and phones will depend largely on the needs of the business, how many phone lines are required, and which specialized features should be included. Because they can grow to up to 15 lines and 40 extensions, Partner phone systems are best suited for small businesses. Because they are meant for a smaller group of employees, these systems include an integrated messaging system that offers announced directions and other information about the company to callers during busy, off-duty or non-business hours.

Analysis: a Part of All Partner Phone Systems

In order to evaluate the value of the Partner system it chooses, a company can utilize the call data reporting function on all of the phones. This is a simple yet extensive feature that offers all the information an office manager may need to figure out whether he should hire more operators, plug in more phone lines, or add extra features to the phone system itself. By doing so, he can save the company a lot of suffering and improve productivity of day-to-day communications.

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