Pbx Phone Features

Written by Rachel Arieff
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PBX phone features can be just as numerous and complex as those of a regular phone. They can include the following. Call waiting, call forwarding, call transfer, and call pickup, caller ID, call monitoring, call recording, and call return. The needed functions will depend on the level of communication of each specific company. Other features can include extension mobility or roaming, automatic call distribution, three-way calling, voicemail and messaging, and message indicators, speed dial, and last number redial.

Call waiting allows people who are using the PBX line to know that another call is coming in. When this happens, they can put the person with whom they're speaking on hold while they answer the incoming call. Call forwarding allows users to direct incoming calls to another PBX, and call transfer allows callers to be transferred to another PBX destination. Call pickup allows for your phone to answer calls coming in to other phones in your "group."

More PBX Phone Features

Caller ID, of course, identifies callers on an LCD screen by name, extension, or complete phone number. Call monitoring and recording enables for a third party to monitor or record your conversations on the PBX. Call return makes it possible to automatically return the last call placed to your PBX. Extension mobility and roaming, useful for mobile offices, enables employees to access their extensions, along with their particular configurations, from other phone units.

Automatic call distribution, useful in call center environments, automatically routes calls to the appropriate destinations based on predetermined criteria, such as the time received or call priority. Three-way calling allows for three people to conference together on one PBX line. voicemail allows for users to leave messages in other PBX mailboxes. Message indicator lights alert the PBX user that a new voicemail message has arrived. Speed dial instantly accesses complete extensions or outside lines by pressing a single button, and last number redial allows you to quickly access the last person you called.

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