Phone Brokers

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Phone brokers deal in selling new and used business phone systems to the public. Many brokers deal in the top brands, among them Mitel, Comdial, Ayaya, Nortel, Panasonic, Unisyn, and Samsung. No matter what kind of phone system you buy, whether new or refurbished, it should always come with a money-back guarantee, a warranty, and a service plan.

Many business phone brokers offer complete service packages from which you can pick and choose exactly the services you need. These may include planning and consulting services, installation, technical support, and maintenance and repair services. Some brokers offer discounts when you purchase multiple services--the rule being, the bigger the service package, the larger the discount.

Phone Brokers and Consultant Services

Many businesses routinely enlist consultancy services as a matter of course before purchasing or even overhauling their phone systems. Though all businesses are focused on the bottom line and thus loathe to spending unnecessarily, some firmly believe that consultant fees are money well spent. Their reasoning is that it's much better to pay a consultant fee in order to purchase the right system, rather than be stuck with the wrong one later.

However, whether you choose to use a consultant or not, the very least you should do is to verify that the retailers you're dealing with are reputable. After all, a phone system is a big purchase, costing a great deal of money whether it's new or refurbished. You can make sure you're dealing with the best by checking out track records through the Better Business Bureau, as well as diverse telecommunications quality control associations.

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