Phone Consoles

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Phone consoles are manufactured as supplemental equipment to the basic business phone unit. They usually consist of a keypad with any number of buttons, and no receiver. Console units are meant to be hooked up to a larger phone system, thus connecting with many different extensions. Usually, the calls that come in to each extension will first come through the console, which then routes the calls appropriately.

Essential for busy call centers, consoles offer easy ways for attendants to manage large volumes of calls. Consoles are necessary because they offer far more support to the call attendant than a phone with multiple lines. In fact, for businesses with a large number of employees with corresponding extensions, consoles are an absolute necessity.

Phone Consoles and the First Impression

Call centers are busy places where time is of the essence. Attendants are responsible for every new caller's first impression of the company, and they must acquire a certain rhythm to be able to perform their job successfully. This rhythm can only come about with complete familiarity with the equipment at hand.

If you've ever used a new phone or keyboard with differently placed keys and had a hard time getting used to it, you'll know firsthand what it's like. In the case of a call center attendant, there is no room for broken rhythm or confusion. With loads of calls coming in, delays can mean lost calls, and confusion can lead to calls getting placed to the wrong extensions. This is why phone consoles must be very logically designed and user friendly.

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