Phone System Training

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Phone system training is a wonderfully useful service offered by reputable business phone system installation companies. Nowadays, business phone systems are complex platforms that integrate phones and PCs. In order to get the most out of your new phone system--and avoid time-wasting confusion--it's best to receive a comprehensive training by qualified professions upon installation.

Training sessions should be scheduled ahead of time at the client's convenience. Enough time should be set aside for quality training to take place, taking into consideration the likelihood of questions or difficulties. Training may look easy, but not just anyone can be a good trainer. Good trainers are as patient as they are knowledgeable, encouraging questions from clients. Bad trainers make the client feel rushed and convey the feeling that they'd rather be somewhere else.

Business Phone System Training

Training may be offered to all employees, employees of a certain division or rank, or just to the communications manager. Typically, it's up to the client to decide who will receive training. It is difficult to describe exactly what phone system training will entail, since it will vary according to the type of system installed, as well as the company providing the training.

However, training sessions will often encompass the following:
1. Familiarity with the phone units, including programmable key pads, number of phone lines, and mute, transfer and conferencing buttons,
2. Voicemail training, including voicemail features and programming according to the client preferences,
3. IP telephony features, and
4. Other features such as wireless services, call centers, and fax services.

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