Phone Systems With Paging

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Phone systems with paging are not just convenient, but an absolute necessity for some businesses. Some PBX and key phone systems come with their own paging capabilities built right into the units. A page can be made through one phone unit and the message is broadcast through speakers of the receiving phones.

This attraction of this option is that, since it involves no extra equipment or software, it is maintenance-free and cost effective. However, it works best in office atmospheres that tend to be on the quiet side. For work environments that experience more noise, it may be necessary to purchase an independent paging system.

More Business Paging Options

These systems, also known as "public address" or "PA" systems, include speaker units and an independent amplifier that can be hooked up to the phone system. The number of speakers necessary will depend on the size and noisiness of the space. However, generally speaking, one decent quality speaker can be heard within a 20-foot radius. Some paging systems come with microphones and background music, while the more bargain-priced systems may not.

There are also more technologically advanced ways to send a page. Some wireless applications have the ability to page in the form of either ring tones or text messages. Moreover, these pages can be sent from different interfaces to various wireless devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, or pagers. The interfaces may be those of Microsoft Windows, email gateways, or CGI web servers. Some applications even allow you to send pages to an unlimited number of recipients.

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