Phone Systems With Voicemail

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Phone systems with voicemail differ greatly from one another. Some are very basic, with the traditional set of options: message and greeting recording, playback, and saving or erasing options. Others are complex and packed with features for today's busy and mobile workforce. If the traditional voicemail format is working for you, then you may find little reason to change it.

However, if you work in a busy environment, particularly if you're used to multitasking and being away from your desk, then a more advanced voicemail system may be in order. Particularly if your company is already going to be installing a new phone system, it pays to look into the voicemail options available to you today.

The New Mobility of Voicemail

The key to today's new voicemail systems can be summed up in two words: compatibility and integration. Thanks to the advances that have been made in digital technology, your voicemail program can be integrated into your PC, laptop, mobile phone or PDA to be available for you wherever you go. Newly developed features enhance this mobility, such as option to forward calls to a telephone outside the company network--your home phone, for instance.

Paging options are also available that notify you instantaneously that a new message has come in. This notification can be transmitted either over the main phone unit, your PC, or a wireless device. Besides mobility, today's voicemail systems can contain company directories, numerous mailboxes, fax tone recognition, and answering machine emulation. Many also have auto attendant capability, which allows your callers to always get through if they don't wish to leave a message.

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