Phones For Hotels

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Phones for hotels may include front desk phones, guest room phones, and phones for restaurants, bars or gift shops. Each type of phone requires a different set of features customized to the particular needs of those using it. However, the guest room phone has undergone the most radical changes in recent years.

For example, in the case of lower-budget hotels, guest room phones traditionally have been built for sturdiness. They have tended to feature harder plastic shells and fewer delicate parts than, say, front desk phones. They've also been designed for simplicity and ease of use, with few features other than the basic options. These have typically included easy front desk and room service dialing, outside calling options (at an extra charge), voicemail, and an automated wake-up call feature.

Modern Advances in Guest Phones

On the other hand, higher-end hotels tend to feature more advanced guest phone systems geared to a more sophisticated clientele. These systems may offer such features as multiple lines, LCD displays, Caller ID, speakerphone, and conference calling. Options such as programmable keys, volume control, mute button and ring tone control, allow guests the ability to customize their room phones to their needs.

With the increasing stream of business travelers and tech-savvy guests, hotel phone options have begun to extend into digital and wireless services. For example, high-speed Internet access through "Wi-Fi hot spots" is fast becoming the standard, even in mid-range hotels. As such, data ports and high-speed Ethernet accessories increasingly accompany today's guest room phones.

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