Plantronics Headsets

Written by Sierra Rein
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Plantronics headsets are known throughout the world as the best lightweight communications headsets for both home and business use. Widely used in many Fortune 500 companies, Plantronics products have been utilized in a number of venues. These include numerous Hollywood films as well as capturing Neil Armstrong's famous lunar transmission in 1969.

The main functions that Plantronics headsets traditionally make an appearance for are mobile phone markets, cordless phones systems, products for computer audio applications, contact centers and residential lines, and office systems. All Plantronics products are compatible with the most basic plug-ins and include such features as noise-reducing microphones and Quick Disconnect capabilities. Some Plantronics headsets, like the DA60, bring digitally enhanced audio to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) softphones and can be plugged into these phones through special USB headset adapters.

In addition to its regular design department, Plantronics also has a development branch dedicated to custom-built headset products. Many companies, from NASA to the White House, have chosen to order specialized headsets through the Plantronics Custom Products Group. This group can design a single headset utilizing up to 1,000 unique configurations and arrive at a special solution for any business's needs.

Practice Good Ergonomics with Plantronics Headsets

One of the biggest mistakes that office managers and contact center workers make is to use outdated communications headsets. By purchasing an ergonomically designed headset of high quality, tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back can be reduced, as well as a number of disorders of the neck commonly associated with squeezing the handset between the head and shoulder. Investing in a brand new headset can increase energy, improve productivity and lower the chances of serious damage to the musculoskeletal system.

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