Samsung Dcs

Written by Rachel Arieff
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The field of Samsung DCS phones is wide indeed. Samsung DCS phones are key phone systems that, in older models, use conventional telecommunications switch technology, and in newer models, use digital integration technology. For this reason, buyers have many different phones, based on different technologies, to choose from. However, all Samsung DCS phones can only be used with the appropriate system.

Popular conventional Samsung DCS phones are multiple-line units that are compatible with a variety of Samsung phone systems. Some phones feature 12 buttons, and others feature 24. LCD displays are an important feature, as they can show Caller ID information as well as date, time, and phone call length. They can also be programmed to display your name and other personal information.

Conventional and New Samsung DCS Features

Many conventional Samsung DCS units are for sale by used phone vendors, although many of these phones technically are new. They are offered at competitive prices, however, because they have been discontinued by the manufacturer. As long as their main systems are still in use and can be purchased, these phones will not become obsolete. In fact, they're a top choice for small businesses with conventional phone systems.

The new, digitally integrated DCS models feature automatic voice dialing, call handling features, automated attendant, teleconferencing, and daughter cards that allow access by peripherals such as modems or fax machines. DCS accessories can also be purchased from Samsung retailers. These include phone bases, extra headsets and cords, add-on units that provide access to many more extensions, analog and digital station cards, and universal door phone units for handsfree capability.

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