Spirit Phone Systems

Written by Sierra Rein
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Spirit phone systems are very popular amongst small and medium-sized businesses due to their affordable yet functional natures. They are very easy to use and are programmable with a number of very time and effort-saving options. The choice of which phone system to buy depends on the size and specific communication demands that the business in question needs to fulfill.

The most basic of all Spirit phone systems are the Spirit six and 24-button phones. These come fully equipped with 16 personal speed dial numbers, two intercom lines each, all station paging functions, transfer and transfer return capabilities, four party conference lines and a do not disturb option. These simpler phones are great for desktop or wall-mounted use, while the multi-line, full-button phones are best used by receptionists and attendant programmers.

Expanding Spirit Phone Systems to Meet Business Growth

To take advantage of all these phones have to offer, a company can add a full set of communication devices. Many of these devices have been prepackaged into system sets, including the Spirit 308/616 and Spirit 1224 systems. The Spirit 308 system includes three lines and eight extension ports, while the 616 models can be expanded to six lines and 16 extensions.

The Spirit 1224 KSU system is expandable to up to 24 lines and 48 extensions, making it ideal for medium to large businesses or small businesses ready to take the next step into market and company growth. All 1224 KSU Spirit phone systems can be increased themselves through 4x0 or 0x8 Spirit Line cards. Most Spirit cards and extension modules also offer a third interface jack for communication devices like answering machines, modems and fax machines.

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