Spirit Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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Made by AT&T/Lucent Technologies, Spirit phones are incredible examples of solid technology meeting simple business demands. Whether small or large, these phones can accomplish all the communication needs a business would ask for. Connected together, Spirit telephones can become strong and reliable endpoints in an entire telephone call and messaging system.

The Spirit line of phones comes in six, 24 and 48 button models. All come complete with the basic extension, forwarding, call-waiting, speakerphone, hold and transfer features. They also are designed with built-in hands-free headset capabilities for those individuals who plan on taking a lot of phone calls on an hourly basis.

Additional Units to Create a Total Spirit Phones System

In addition to the phone units, Spirit phones can be accessorized with a number of different expansion machines. For instance, a 308 control unit can be plugged in with a 616 expansion unit to increase line capacity and adds connections for up to 16 telephones. The 308 control unit also adds the optional ability to plug in an answering machine, modem or fax machine into the system.

Spirit phones are also compatible with System 1224/2448 four and eight-line expansion cards. These cards are great if outside lines are needed for emergency, new employee or extra phone use. They include one bridged line jack in case of any power failure or alternative trip/ring mechanisms.

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