Trillium Digital Systems

Written by Sierra Rein
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Trillium Digital Systems, Inc., is the leading service provider of network communications software. More than 500 projects to date have used the source code solutions designed by Trillium. These companies include wireless service providers, Internet equipment manufacturers, and businesses specializing in broadband and telephony products. With the number of high-tech, high-performance software Trillium offers, it is no wonder that the company has maintained a strong growth rate in such a competitive market.

The main reason behind many of the successes of Trillium Digital Systems is that the company continually strives to expand its software and services to meet current SS7, IP, ATM and wireless protocols. Trillium solutions consist of communications software, support and value-added software integration, customization and consulting services. By using Trillium software, a company can decrease the time and costs normally associated with setting up and utilizing a standards-based system.

The Basics to All Trillium Digital Systems

The basic foundation of all Trillium software systems is the integration of two key principles. These are, in no particular order, the TAPA and the Distributed Fault-Tolerant/High-Availability architectures. The TAPA structure (otherwise known as the Trillium Advanced Portability Architecture) helps the software determine the best interface between all the elements of a communications system (CCPU, target system and software) and implements a flexible protocol for each source code.

The Distributed Fault-Tolerant/High-Availability architecture, on the other hand, is an incredibly useful and secure structure that makes all Trillium Digital Systems software secure and safe during any power outages or hardware failures. Active calls will be maintained, even during processor failures, by redistributing protocol loads from one processor to another. By placing this effective software on a system, important calls from VIP clients or during emergencies can be kept alive until the problem is fixed.

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