Uniden Phone Systems

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Uniden phone systems are divided into two categories: VoIP and wireless. VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) phones transfer the sound of the voice into packets of information, which are then transmitted over the Internet, rather than the traditional switched phone network. This technology is a great benefit to businesses both large and small, as they enable them to avoid paying long distance charges.

VoIP can also be used to send faxes and other data, which makes it such an efficient and valuable technology. On the other hand, wireless Uniden phone systems use radio waves rather than electronic cables to transmit information. Naturally, wireless technology is best for mobile phone or PC units. Hybrids of both also exist, enabling employees to do their work from remote locations, while still being able to take advantage of the company's network.

VoIP and Wireless Uniden Phone Systems

One popular Uniden VoIP system is the UIP312. This key phone set is designed for user friendliness. It has two lines and 10 large, easy-to-use and context-sensitive soft keys. It also has a large, easy to read LCD display and a multitude of special features, such as 14 programmable keys, an internal dual port switch, speakerphone capability, and a headset jack.

Uniden wireless choices include the ANA9710, a 900 Mhz cordless analog phone. This phone features all the essentials--volume control, memory dialing, pause, search and redial--as well as hold, transfer and conference capabilities. The ANA9710 also features Uniden's patented Digital Spread Spectrum Technology, designed for optimum range, security, and resistance to interference. It also offers 10 channels and different ring tone options. Phone system providers should be able to offer a quote for such a system, based on your business's specific needs.

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