Written by Rachel Arieff
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Unisyn key phones are manufactured by the Comdial corporation. Comdial is a reputable name in the telecommunications industry, manufacturing many popular conventional, hybrid, and IP business phone systems. Unisyn phones can be purchased from vendors of used office phone systems, as these particular phones are no longer being manufactured. However, they continue to remain in demand by certain companies that prefer the special features offered by Unisyn phones.

Purchasing used phone systems, refurbished to be in like-new condition, is a great way for companies to ensure big savings on their telecommunications purchases. Many used business phone sellers offer Unisyn key phone systems in various models. One thing that all Unisyn phones share, though, is an attractive, minimalist design and a logical, user-friendly layout.

Features of Unisyn Key Phones

Unlike many other phones that tend to look clunky and busy, Unisyn phones are classic and sleek. They feature large LCD screens for easy reading, along with a well-organized keypad that organizes rather than overwhelms. The keypad is located in the center of the unit, line buttons are above them, and other buttons reserved for programming functions are off to the side of the main keypad. You would think that all key phone brands would offer this very simple and logical design, but they don't.

This partially explains the loyalty for Unisyn phones. Other favorite features of Unisyn phones include tri-color LED lights that make call status easy to discern, multiple lines and stations, speakerphone options, call forwarding and transferring, and conference calling. Finally, advanced features such as universal ports allow Unisyn phone units to be used with fax machines, modems, answering machines, and other peripherals.

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