Used Office Equipment

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Purchasing used office equipment such as phone systems from the right vendor is a win-win situation for any company. One peculiarity about telecommunications equipment, unlike PCs and other office machines, is that it's not getting cheaper. This is just the nature of the telecommunications industry. However, the one great way to save money on this expensive equipment is to buy it in like-new condition from reputable resellers.

Also unlike PCs, business phone systems don't become obsolete as quickly. This means that many phone systems are still fully useful and in demand, even though they may nearly a decade old. All this is good news to penny-pinching businesses that must constantly find ways to keep costs down without sacrificing workplace efficiency and productivity. Many companies continue to purchase both pre-used and new-but-discontinued phone systems by big names such as Comdial, Samsung, and Fujitsu.

What to Look for in Used Phone Vendors

The question isn't just what to look for in the equipment, but also what to look for in the vendor. Finding out the features and capabilities of the equipment is an easy task. However, just as easy, and maybe even more important, is learning about the company from whom you'll be purchasing the system. These are used phone systems, after all, which means that the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for their condition.

Instead, you will have to rely on the vendor for all product quality guarantees, installations, customer service and technical support. A reputable vendor will deliver on all of these fronts, and in the rare event that something goes wrong, will take responsibility for fixing it. Moreover, a good reseller will use overnight shipping to get you a temporary replacement unit while the problem is being solved.

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