Vodavi Phone Systems

Written by Sierra Rein
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Vodavi phone systems were first introduced in 1983 when the company began developing telecommunications products, key systems and a small collection of single line telephones. A few years later, the Vodavi Company signed a number of OEM contracts to develop new lines of products with other companies like Siemens and Pacific Telesis. Since then, this small business continued to develop new technologies and has branched out into the realm of voice activated dialing (VAD) products, digital key telephone systems, integrated voice mail platforms and other telecommunications devices for small to medium businesses.

The most popular lines of Vodavi phone systems are the executive digital speakerphones. These desktop messaging phones can be connected through a DSS attendant console and are CTI capable. For a completely wireless option, a user can plug in the Wanderer 2.4 GhZ cordless handset, which allows for 100 to 250 feet of mobility from the desktop base.

Another set of popular lines of digital Vodavi phone systems is the XTS and XTSc system (short for "eX-pandable Telephone System"). Any business that demands up to 600 universal ports can utilize these machines, which can become an integral part of a business's needs for a solid foundation on which to build a telecommunications solutions platform. The XTS lines come in one to six cabinet sets and are packed with such features as built-in relays, Off Hook Voice Over, optional Voice Over IP (VoIP), Caller ID, Automatic Park and Page, and digital T1 and PRI (ISDN) capabilities.

Starplus Vodavi Phone Systems for the Home

In addition to business phone systems, Vodavi has created a number of different options for home communications solutions. The Starplus STS Home system comes complete with a number of customizable features similar to those found in business phones (Caller ID, conference calling, paging and intercom, etc), making it a system that any homeowner would be proud of. However, other features like long distance dialing restrictions (to keep costs down), customizable phone rings for each line (to let the family know who needs to pick up), and night service (to keep a phone in the baby's room from ringing at night) are also present to enhance the experience for the entire household.

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