Vodavi Phone Systems

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Vodavi phone systems encompass both IP and wireless technologies. Headquartered in Arizona, Vodavi is a relatively new company, launched in 1983, dedicated to improving convergent data, voice, and video communications technologies. In 2003, Vodavi entered the IP telephony market with its new offering of complete, LAN-based communications packages.

These packages enable Vodavi's clients to use their own IP data networks for voice communications, saving them a great deal of money by avoiding long distance fees. In general, Vodavi emphasizes cost effectiveness and efficiency, with the goal of integrating voice and data systems to eliminate waste and unnecessary expenses. The company also claims to offer excellent customer service support, both before and after purchase.

Features of Vodavi Phone Systems

Included in the menu of Vodavi products and services are wireless and IP digital business phones, LAN networking, IP telephony, voice messaging, call center systems and computer telephony applications. Specifically, the Vodavi corporation has developed integrated VoIP cards, caller ID-capable phones, non-proprietary VoIP gateways, and wireless handsets.

Expandable business phone packages are the newest additions to the menu of Vodavi phone systems. These packages are the most efficient and cost-effective way to obtain all the services that you need--key phone units and lines, voicemail and voice messaging, IP telephony, and PC-phone integration--while ensuring compatibility and smooth functioning. Best of all, if your business outgrows these systems, they can be easily enhanced and expanded. Expanding existing phone systems, rather than replacing them with brand new ones, saves companies a lot of money in the long run. Contracting with a company that can provide a comprehensive package, including installation, works well for many businesses.

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