Vodavi Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are four main lines of Vodavi phones available for small or medium-sized business communications solutions. The Starplus line of phones, introduced to the public in 1986, consists of a number of different options including a few single-line telephones, two-line feature telephones, and an entire series of voice mail and electronic digital hybrid phones. Today, Starplus also offers a line of CTI (computer telephone integration) phones capable of VoIP and Web-based integrations.

The second line of Vodavi phones, the Infinite line, was brought out into 1991 to offer small and medium businesses the same types of computer telephony features commonly associated with larger companies. The Infinite digital platform is compatible with fax mail, ISDN and digital voice mail. All Infinite phones can be connected to either a small system (three lines and eight stations) or a larger system of up to 384 ports.

TRIAD phones takes the next step forward and can handle a system of up to 144 lines and 252 stations. These Vodavi phones are great for smaller businesses that wish to save money while they grow and develop. Whether a company needs to increase the capabilities of their call center, voice mail messaging system, or computer and networking telephony powers, TRIAD phones are likely to fit the bill.

The Last Line of Vodavi Phones

The fourth and final line of phones made by the Vodavi Communications Company is the Telenium IP system. This IP system uses LAN lines and includes a number of features common to other key systems, such as a built-in voice mail platform, Loop Start, and auto-attendant. There are two main Telenium IP models; the first being a single-port, stand-alone phone, the other a two-port model capable of networking to a PC.

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