Vs Expansion

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you or your business currently employs Partner Mail as the main voice messaging system, you may wish to look into Partner VS expansion cards. These can be placed within compatible telephones to increase the number of ports on each phone as well as the number of mailboxes available for taking messages. They are also affordable alternatives to purchasing brand new telephones and a whole new voice messaging system.

A VS expansion plan should be thought through carefully, especially if your business is small and seeking to grow. By adding more lines and message boxes, a business can have room to hire more people, add communication devices and offer more customer service applications to its clients. By adding more mailboxes, and the capability to record a higher volume of calls, a company can be assured that all incoming messages will be heard.

For example, if a two-port VS expansion card of 10 mailboxes is installed, one phone unit can offer voice mail capabilities to 20 employees for up to 120 minutes. A two-port, 20-mailbox card can offer 40 mailboxes for 220 minutes. These PCMCIA cards also offer an administration backup drive and the ability to restore in case of any accidents or power outages.

Using VS Expansion Cabinets and Modules

Another way of increasing the scope of Partner VS is to add station port modules. These can be equipped with Caller ID capabilities to allow even more incoming and outgoing calls per minute. These are perfect if your company plans on a major overhaul of the voice messaging system yet wishes to maintain the current communication infrastructure already in place.

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