Afghanistan Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Some of the most frequent users of prepaid calling cards can be found among United States military personnel. American troops stationed overseas can use global prepaid calling cards to stay in touch with their friends and family back home. Global prepaid cards are usually available through military exchange posts, and provide a much more cost efficient alternative to cell phones.

Because of their potentially heavy use, global prepaid cards are usually available in larger sizes than standard prepaid calling cards. For example, Afghanistan cards, available to U.S. troops, can be purchased in sizes ranging from 10 to 500 units. While these cards are usually operable from any international location, they tend to provide vastly superior long distance rates when calls are placed from a predetermined region.

Benefits of Afghanistan Cards

Afghanistan cards, and other global prepaid cards purchased by the U.S. military, tend to be more economical than their non-military counterparts. They are also rechargeable, meaning additional units can be purchased with a credit card and added to the card's existing identification code. This allows troops to continuously use a card after the initial minutes have run out. A soldier might find this especially useful if they are stationed somewhere calling cards are difficult to come by on a regular basis. This conveniently allows the card user to retain the same identification code and access number without subjecting them to regular phone bills.

Prepaid calling cards are relied on so much by soldiers that the Armed Services Exchange for the Army, Air Force, and Navy, have started the "Troops Call Home" program in order to provide military personnel more units of long distance service. The program is employed in places like Afghanistan, where stationed troops have access to military-regulated "call centers," but may not always be able to find and purchase the prepaid cards that would allow them to place calls from the center. Troops Call Home allows anyone to purchase prepaid Afghanistan cards for the troops by making a donation to a military website. The total donations are applied to the prepaid minutes of Afghanistan-based troops, allowing them more opportunities to call home.

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