Antilles Netherlands Phone Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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If you plan on traveling to the popular island region of Antilles Netherlands, you'll probably want to find an economical and convenient way to stay in touch with people back home. Antilles Netherlands phone cards can be an easy, affordable alternative to high cell phone charges, or costly calls placed from hotel phones. While you're shopping for the best card to fit your needs, you should consider how you plan on using the card. Different types of Antilles Netherlands phone cards feature various options that make them best suited for particular types of calls. A quick review of these options and features should let you determine which type of phone card you could get the maximum value from.

A lot of cards charge a connection fee for every call placed, regardless of the duration, distance, or location of the call. However, cards that use connection fees usually also feature lower rates than those that do not. In exchange for these lower rates, the card deducts a specific number units for every call made. As a result, cards that use connection fees can be best employed in situations where you plan on using the entirety of the card's available units within one or two long calls. This way the connection fees are minimized, and the maximum amount of units are allotted for actual long distance time.

Antilles Netherlands Phone Cards and Fees

If you plan on using a connection fee card many times, you will probably find that the lower long distance rates are soon overshadowed by the fees themselves, which can rapidly reduce your card's available units. If a connection fee deducts one dollar's worth of units for every call placed, a card can soon become worthless without ever having been used for too much time on the actual telephone. For example, a $10 card may provide over an hour of long distance access, and if used for one long call, the connection fee of one dollar will not significantly interfere with the total available units. However, if the card is used to place ten calls, even if no one answers and no time is spent using the long distance at all, the entire value of the card can be depleted.

Other Antilles Netherlands phone cards are configured to provide good rates when used to or from specific locations. For example, one type of card provides the best rates when used to place international calls from Antilles Netherlands to the United States or certain locations in Europe. These cards are great for travelers, who can use them to place repeated calls to that one location. Other cards might be configured to call from one region of Antilles Netherlands to another. These can be of benefit to travelers who need to place calls around the island, but who don't want to deal with excessive cell phone charges. Even hotel phones frequently charge steep prices for even the briefest local calls. By using the toll-free access number provided on a prepaid calling card, you can make calls while in Antilles Netherlands without having to throw your money away.

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