Argentina Calling Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Argentina calling cards, used to place international long distance calls from Argentina, are available in many styles and denominations. Argentina differs from many other countries in that Internet service providers, as opposed to telephone companies, usually issue prepaid calling cards. Because most Argentineans only have access to the nation's largest and oldest Internet service provider, their phone card choices are limited. This makes the prepaid calling card industry in Argentina more consistent and uniform than in many other countries, but there are still occasional variations.

The prepaid phone card industry in Argentina, dominated by the country's largest Internet service provider, offers surprisingly consistent rates and fees, despite where you might place a call to or from. The going rate for long distance within Argentina on Argentina calling cards is just under a half-dollar a minute. International calls are slightly more expensive. One of the most convenient aspects of these cards is that, if a call is placed from anywhere in Argentina, there is rarely an additional connection fee or service charge. Rates generally also remain steady, despite the time or day.

Advantages of Argentina Calling Cards

The regulated nature of Argentina calling cards removes a lot of the comparative shopping and guesswork that is usually necessary when selecting a prepaid phone card. While this can be an occasional inconvenience, such as when a call to the next door neighbors costs as much as a call to the other side of the country, it is often a blessing for travelers. Argentina is one of the few places in the world where you can place an international call for the same price as ordering a pizza, making Argentina phone cards considerably valuable to travelers.

Although the rates in Argentina are relatively stable compared to other regions, additional charges can still deplete your phone card prematurely. Keep in mind that connection charges, which occur with some cards whenever a call is placed, can quickly eat into your prepaid time. These charges are especially large when a call is placed from a payphone. You should try to make sure that the low international rates offered by Argentina don't allow you to become careless and squander your prepaid time on excessive additional charges.

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