Armenia Calling Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Armenia calling cards allow you to place international long distance calls to Armenia based on the amount of prepaid minutes assigned to the card. Calling cards are usually sold in denominations ranging from $10 to $100. Because the calling cards are prepaid, they can be used to place calls until the card's balance is depleted. This eliminates unpredictable monthly phone bills, making the cards useful for budgeting. In addition to the convenience, most calling cards can offer much lower rates than home long distance providers.

Armenia calling cards are divided into "units," which correspond to both time and money. The price of the card reflects the amount of overall units available when placing a call to Armenia. Some types of calling cards may be best used for travel, placing many calls from various locations to a single number. Other types are better suited for making one or two lengthy calls.

Researching Armenia Calling Cards

Before purchasing any Armenia calling cards, it is a good idea to research the card provider. The Internet can be a good source of information on the reputation, reliability, and quality of service of many calling card providers. Newsgroups and bulletin boards seem to be especially useful for determining which type of card is best for you, and which types are rip offs. You should also insure that the particular card you choose is configured to be used when placing calls from a particular region in Armenia. Due to competition between the smaller phone companies that generally sell phone cards, various regions in Armenia are divided and distributed among the phone card providers. This often means that one card can only work in areas where its manufacturer provides service. A quick inquiry into a card's regional limitations can save you time and money.

The reason that calling cards are measured in units is that the costs associated with international long distance calls are rarely consistent. Calculations involving only time or money would likely end up putting the card user at a disadvantage, and so the "units" system is employed to maximize the value of each card. Some cards offer exceedingly cheap long distance rates, but require a costly connection fee. A connection fee is the amount charged by most providers for initially placing the call. This amount is deducted from the card's units regardless of the call's duration, or even if it was received at all. Other phone cards may not offer long distance rates that are quite so low, but they make up for it by featuring low or no cost connection fees. These types of cards are best used when placing numerous shorter calls from various locations to a region in Armenia.

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