Aruba Phone Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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There are several basic varieties of Aruba phone cards available. Before deciding which type is right for you, it can help to know a few things about their various advantages, disadvantages, features, and limitations. It can also help if you know how frequently, for what duration, from where, and to where you will be placing calls using an Aruba phone card. Many Aruba phone cards are designed to provide better rates, depending on your location.

Aruba phone cards are a way for you to access prepaid long distance and international phone service without having to sign up for home or cell phone service. They can be instantly activated, providing you with immediate access to phone service, regardless of your location or existing phone service. You can purchase one of these cards for $10 to $100, depending on how much use you intend to get out of it. The cost of the card contributes to the overall amount of prepaid service that will be available to you once it is activated.

Accessing Long Distance with Aruba Phone Cards

All you need to enable access to a long distance provider via an Aruba phone card is a working phone with basic service. The phone card will feature an identification number that is unique to that card. After dialing a toll-free access number provider on the card, you can enter your identification number, connecting you to the long distance service that you have already paid for by purchasing the card. This prepaid service is applied to calls made using your card. There are also other occasional fees, such as connection fees, which some cards charge for every call placed. As you use the card, the charges and rates are subtracted from the prepaid account, allowing you to place no more calls than those you have already paid for. Many people find this advantageous over a traditional billed long distance service, as it allows you to budget your funds more accurately without being caught off guard by monthly bills.

Some Aruba phone cards are configured to provide the lowest rates when used to place international calls from Aruba. These cards are well suited for travelers, students, or Aruba residents with family members in other regions. Another type of card is designed to provide the best rates when used to place calls from the United States or Europe to Aruba. These cards might be more attractive to U.S. citizens who want to keep in touch with family or friends in Aruba. A third type of card enables the cheapest rates when used to make domestic calls within Aruba. The rates of these cards are usually much lower than cell phones, payphones, or hotel phones, making them perfect for vacationers who need to place calls around the region.

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