At&t Prepaid Phone Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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AT&T prepaid phone cards offer many options to the consumer. If you're looking for an alternative to your monthly long distance plan, or just interested in a low cost way to make calls when you're away from home, you might find a solution in AT&T prepaid phone cards.

Prepaid phone cards allow you to use local and long distance telephone service without subscribing to any monthly service contracts. As the name implies, prepaid phone cards cover the cost of long distance before the calls are actually made, which prevents you from being caught off guard by unexpectedly high telephone bills at the end of a billing period. If you're using AT&T prepaid phone cards you can budget a specific amount of funds for telephone calls each month without ever having to worry about exceeding your limit.

Recharging AT&T Prepaid Phone Cards

If your prepaid card runs out of minutes, you have several options for gaining more prepaid phone service time. You can always simply buy another card from a phone card retailer, but you can also "recharge" your existing card by adding additional minutes to it. This can be done by purchasing the minutes with your credit card, either through an automated process over the phone, or by using the company's website. This allows you to add additional prepaid time to the card, usually in $10 or $20 increments. Since many prepaid cards now offer advanced options, such as speed dialing, you might find it advantageous to recharge your card, rather than purchase and program a new one each time it runs out.

Another advantage of prepaid calling cards is that they let you access long distance services without having to enter into a contract with a phone company. In addition to the inconvenience and confusing nature of many phone service contracts, they also require a credit check before activating your long distance service. If you currently have a less than favorable credit rating, prepaid phone cards are an excellent way to make long distance calls.

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