Australia Phone Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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If you're visiting Australia and want to make some calls back home to the U.S. without going broke, you should familiarize yourself with Australia phone cards. Australia phone cards can allow you to place international calls from areas of Australia. They can usually be enabled from any phone line that has basic service. While the phone cards available in Australia are quite similar to cards from other regions, there is one notable exception.

Due to the layout of Australia, many of the calling cards from that country feature local (as opposed to toll free) access numbers. Because of Australia's size and location, traditional "1-800" toll-free numbers may be inaccessible to many of its citizens. While local access numbers usually suit the needs of the general Australian population, vacationers might find them a considerable inconvenience. The reason for this is that many hotels even bill local calls to the room, and often include a considerable connection fee as well. If you were to use a calling card with a local access number from such a hotel, not only would your card be debited the amount of long distance units corresponding to the call, but your hotel room would also be charged for the length of the call.

Maximizing Australia Phone Cards

Phone cards should alleviate the costs of long distance calling, but local access numbers might actually serve to multiply them instead. In order to avoid this, you might consider purchasing your phone cards before traveling to Australia. In addition, you should make sure that the cards are issued by a reliable, global supplier. This way you can be certain that you will be able to utilize their toll-free access numbers from anywhere on the planet.

However, you might not want to stock up on cards just yet. If you're not planning on staying at a hotel, Australia phone cards featuring local access numbers may still be your best bet. Outside of hotels, local calls are included as a free part of basic telephone service. In addition, Australian cards that use these local access numbers are generally considered to offer more favorable long-distance rates than those using toll-free access numbers. While money saved by these low rates would be immediately canceled out by a sizable hotel phone bill, it can amount to quite a bit if you dial the local access number from a friend or relative's home phone.

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