Bahamas Calling Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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If you're traveling to the Bahamas and want an economical way to keep in touch with people back home, you might want to consider purchasing Bahamas calling cards. Prepaid calling cards that will work from the Bahamas can be purchased from many local retailers, so you can easily prepare for this aspect of your trip before ever leaving the country. If you happen to forget, don't worry--you can still pick up plenty of prepaid calling cards once you arrive.

Most visitors to the Bahamas indicate that local Bahamas phone services measure their cards in units that equal about five cents. Local and international calls placed using Bahamas calling cards are usually charged about five units a call, with an additional five unit connection fee. Connection fees from payphones, which are already fairly steep, seem to be greater in the Bahamas than anywhere else. In order to get the most out of your prepaid card when calling from the Bahamas, it is suggested that you find a location, such as a hotel or restaurant, that will allow you to place a toll-free call in order to access your prepaid long distance minutes, rather than have your card rapidly depleted by payphone connection charges.

Choosing Bahamas Phone Cards

Some travelers have reported experiencing problems when trying to use domestically purchased prepaid cards to place calls from the Bahamas. Although the cards work when used from neighboring areas, many people have complained that their cards were blocked by Bahamas phone services. In order to prevent spending money on a card, only to find out it doesn't suit your needs, you should first confirm the areas accessible by the card. You can usually ascertain this from information provided on the card or on its packaging. However, if the fine print is confusing, you can also contact the card manufacturer and inquire about any possible limitations. Manufacturers can usually be reached by a toll-free assistance number provided on the card, or through information offered on their website.

When you purchase a Bahamas calling card, be sure to buy from a service provider with a proven reliable record. If you're unsure about the integrity of the prepaid phone service provider, you can usually find some answers by searching online bulletin boards and newsgroups. The "Google Groups" section of Google is a good place to start, as many travelers use these forums to comment on the quality of their phone card providers.

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