Bangladesh Calling Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Bangladesh calling cards enable you to place calls to certain locations in Bangladesh using prepaid long distance service. This means that you can make international long distance calls without having to sign up for any extended long distance service. The cards work on a prepaid basis, meaning that the price you initially pay for the card covers a limited amount of calling time and associated charges. As you use the phone card, all charges are debited to the account. As a result, you can have convenient access to long distance service without having to worry about exceeding your budget.

Bangladesh calling cards feature a toll-free access number that you can dial from any phone equipped with basic service, regardless of its calling plan. Once you call the access number, you will be asked to provide the personal identification number (PIN) included on the card. The PIN acts as a unique code to connect you to the prepaid service available on your card. The price of the card is broken down into "units," as opposed to standard increments of either time or money. This is done because Bangladesh calling cards carry additional connection and service fees, in addition to time-based calling rates.

Comparing Bangladesh Calling Cards

Before you buy a Bangladesh calling card, it is important that you find out if it will be compatible with the region that you want to call. Calling card companies purchase calling time from larger long distance providers, and sell that time to the public via prepaid cards. However, many markets only support one type of phone card. If you plan on using your card to call a particular region in Bangladesh, make sure that calls from the card can be accepted by the service provider in that region. You can usually determine this by calling the card manufacturer's assistance line, which is often a toll-free number printed on the card or the packaging.

If you want to maximize your prepaid units in order to get the most out of your calling card, try to avoid placing calls from pay phones. While it's common for a prepaid calling card to charge a connection fee for every call placed, you may not know that these connection fees can be extremely high if the call is placed from a payphone. These high payphone connection charges, which can actually be more that three times the standard rate, can quickly deplete your calling card. Whenever possible, you should attempt to place the call by dialing the toll-free access number from a non-payphone equipped with basic local service.

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