Belarus Overseas Calling Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Belarus overseas calling cards are a convenient and affordable way to place international, long distance, and overseas calls from Belarus without having to deal with the complications and hassles of using home or cell phone long distance providers. Traditional long distance providers, such as home-based billed monthly service providers and cell phone service providers, require extended registration processes, which means that you may not be able to actually use your long distance service for several days after signing up for it. They also require credit checks, as their services are billed on a monthly basis. People with a bad credit history may be turned down and wind up with no access to long distance service at all. Belarus overseas calling cards can remedy these and other problems, thanks to the convenience of the prepaid calling system.

You can quickly purchase Belarus overseas phone cards and easily activate them on the first use, allowing you instant access to long distance service. The phone cards can be used to place calls from any phone equipped with basic service, in spite of any service limitations existing on that line. This is done by dialing a toll-free access number, which allows you to enter a unique identification code that can be found on the back of Belarus calling cards. The code connects whatever line you're using to an amount of prepaid long distance service, based on how much money you paid for the card.

Connecting Belarus Overseas Calling Cards

Once your card is connected to the prepaid network, the value of the card is reduced in conjunction with the duration of the call, service rates, and occasional additional charges. For example, some cards charge a connection fee for every call placed. If you're using a connection fee card, you should be especially cautious about placing calls from a payphone. Although you can dial the provider's toll-free access number from any payphone without having to enter any coins into the phone, connection fee cards often charge an extremely large amount for calls placed from a payphone. If you're not careful, placing calling card calls from a payphone can deplete your entire supply of prepaid minutes without allowing you much time speaking on the actual phone at all.

Belarus overseas phone cards are equipped to provide you with the best rates when placing an international call from Belarus. This is done through a local Belarus service provider, which routes the call from the access number to your destination. Before you purchase a card, you should make sure that it is enabled to reach your destination. Large telecommunications companies usually sell prepaid long distance time to local providers. The telecommunications companies, in order to maintain trade with various rival local providers, often place territorial limitations on the prepaid time. This prevents any disputes over which local service serves which region. As a result, many phone cards sold in Belarus are limited to only being able to place calls from the territory of the card's manufacturer. Although you can us the overseas phone cards to reach anywhere in the world, make sure that you can place calls from your location before spending any money on the prepaid service.

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