Benin Phone Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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The small, but immensely popular West African region of Benin plays host to many travelers every day. This area, known for its stilted huts and fishing villages, is often appreciated for its distance from the hectic trials of modern life. The peacefulness of Benin might come at the cost of many modern luxuries, but most tourists don't seem to mind. However, visitors to Benin who need to stay in touch with the outside world will soon find themselves in need of some assistance. Benin phone cards can offer this assistance by providing access to economical, reliable long distance and international telephone service.

The unspoiled beauty of Benin, thanks to its remote location, sometimes comes at the cost of modern convenience. Cell phone users will usually find their phones useless while in the region, as they are largely out of contact with any wireless providers. However, landlines are available. By using Benin phone cards, you can remain in touch with the modern world, even while immersed in this remote region.

International Calls With Benin Phone Cards

Benin phone cards are designed to allow you to make long distance and international calls from Benin, using any phone that is enabled with at least basic service. When you purchase Benin phone cards, you pay an amount between $10 and $100, which is then applied to a virtual prepaid account. Prepaid means that there is no additional billing for the account. Instead, long distance service is debited to the funds already existing in the account at purchase. A toll-free access number, which can be reached from any phone featuring basic service, allows you to access these prepaid long distance minutes by entering a unique personal identification number at a prerecorded prompt.

While you're in Benin, you can use a prepaid card from any phone, without anything being charged to that line. All fees and charges are taken directly from the virtual prepaid debit account. You can use any local phone to gain international access, and don't even have to worry about paying any additional charges when you're done. As a result, Benin phone cards are a great way for travelers to meet their communications needs without having to leave the beautiful region.

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