Best Phone Calling Cards

Written by Sierra Rein
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The best phone calling cards are not found on a piece of plastic. Rather, they are found on a large square piece of machinery on your desk...your computer! Through the Internet, anyone can purchase or even win a calling card filled with low rate or free calling minutes.

These calling cards take the form of a simple phone number and PIN (personal identification number) combination. Once the number (usually either a local or toll free one) is called, a prompt will ask for the PIN. After this is accepted, a regular call can be made to almost anywhere, even to international places overseas.

The Best Phone Calling Cards Are at Your Fingertips

Sometimes the best phone calling cards are given out for free! These cards are usually part of an exchange program brought about by online phone companies that are interested in engaging members in discount shopping programs and online surveys. For every dollar purchased through an associating website, a collection of minutes are added to the member's calling card.

Most of the time, the best phone calling cards are completely legitimate and do not require any up-front fees. However, there are unscrupulous companies who will demand your personal financial banking or credit card information before registering with them. Be sure and read the fine print regarding these offers before giving out this information to any company.

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