Brazil Calling Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Brazil calling cards allow you to access prepaid international phone service when placing calls to Brazil. Like many other international calling cards, Brazil cards will often work to call other regions as well. However, cards marketed specifically for Brazil are usually configured to provide the best rates when used to place calls to Brazil. As a result of the low Brazil-calling costs, calls placed to other locations are often billed at a higher rate than normal. This makes Brazil cards suited for people who plan on using them only to call Brazil. People who mistakenly assume that the low Brazil rate applies to any and all calls placed using the cards, might rapidly deplete their prepaid minutes without getting much use out of their card at all.

Brazil phone cards, for people unfamiliar with them, are cards that can be purchased from many retailers and convenience stores, usually in increments ranging from $5 to $100. When you dial a toll-free access number, you can enter a unique user identification code printed on the card, which then allows you to place long distance and international calls. The costs of all calls are deducted from a virtual debit account associated with your identification code. The value of the virtual account is equal to the cost of the card. Cards are usually broken down into "units," meaning a card with a certain price is worth a certain number of units of calling time. Brazil calling cards are designed to provide international access with a lower units-per-minute cost when used to call Brazil.

Regional Compatibility of These Cards

Prepaid phone card manufacturers can offer chunks of long distance and international calling time because they save money on the time by buying it in bulk from large phone service providers. After buying the prepaid time, they divide it into numerous smaller portions by allotting a specific amount of time to each phone card. Because large phone companies often sell time to several small companies at once, market boundaries are often established. This is done to prevent cards issued by one company from accessing the service of another. As a result, Brazil is divided into several areas, each receiving service from a different provider. In many cases, cards compatible with one sector are not compatible with another. Before you purchase any cards, determine if the cards will be compatible with the area you would like to call. You can usually find this out from a card retailer, or by calling the service and support number that is usually included on the back of most cards.

When calling cards run out of prepaid time they can no longer be used to place calls. However, most prepaid cards can be "recharged," which mean they allow you to use a credit card to add money to the prepaid account. This is usually done online or by phone, but can sometimes be done in person through a card retailer. When you recharge Brazil calling cards, you can usually take advantage of special bonus offers, including free additional units with every purchase.

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