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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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If you want a way to get the name of your business into the hands of the public, you might want to consider imprinting it on a prepaid calling card. Prepaid calling cards are increasingly popular promotional items. As opposed to other promotional items, ranging from pens to keychains, prepaid calling cards are almost guaranteed to be used by the recipient, insuring that your name remains fresh in their mind.

Many companies now specialize in these kinds of business promotional items, and you can easily find a supplier to best suit your needs. A promotional prepaid calling card works just like any other prepaid card, but is imprinted with the name and logo of a particular company or organization. These cards are then given away as free promotional items. Using prepaid calling cards as a promotional item allows you to distribute a uniquely valuable gift, as opposed to the novelty-type items usually associated with free promotional material. Odds are good that anyone who receives a free prepaid calling card is likely to use it, as not many people are going to disregard free long distance minutes.

Prepaid Cards as Business Promotional Items

A lot of prepaid card providers now allow you to custom design your promotional calling cards. In some cases this can even be done via the company's website. These companies allow you to choose from one of several layout templates and color schemes online. After choosing the basic layout of the card, you can then upload an image file featuring the name and logo of your company, and use an online drag-and-drop interface to position the graphics on the card. Once the card is finalized, you can choose the initial prepaid minutes, as well as the overall number of cards you wish to purchase. The entire process is automated, and can allow you to be distributing your promotional prepaid cards within days of creating them.

When deciding what kind of prepaid calling cards you want to use as promotional items, you should be sure to research the reputation and reliability of the card provider. While it is always important that you know as much as you can about your service provider, it is especially significant that you can count on the provider of your calling cards. In this situation the provider is not only representing themselves, but also the business that you are promoting with their cards. Although it might be an unfair comparison, people are likely to associate any problems with the service provider with the integrity of your company. Finding a reliable service provider when ordering promotional prepaid calling cards is the best way to insure that the items create a positive impression of your company.

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